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Bringing Wellness to your life with a Holistic Approach.

Wellness for The Mind... Body & Soul

Total Body is a safe haven for healing, wellness, weight loss, fitness, and higher learning.

We offer a holistic approach to physical pain, emotional pain, sports recovery, and chronic pain conditions using natural therapies, Chinese medicinal treatments, athletic recovery, soft stretch release, myoskeletal alignments, energy medicine, quantum healing are just few of the many diverse healing modalities available here in our healing, fitness, wellness, self transformation facility.

Our holistic approach to weight loss is non invasive using all natural fat dissolve, needle-less pen, wood therapy, RF/Cavitation, and lipo laser are just few options to choose from to design your body exactly the way you want.

Our Private Gym offers Private training, small group training, and boot camp training. Our highly skilled Team of trainers & coaches offer lifestyle changes backed by experience & science..

Our facility is the FIRST ACCREDITED school for HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER CERTIFICATION, and school for HEALERS in REAL TIME, and HANDS ON that is backed by The American Board Of Drugless Practitioners, as well as, International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine.

We welcome YOU to our Self Transformation facility…Let your JOURNEY begin.

Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 5 PM
Sunday: Closed

I have combined the principles from all my studies & actual physical pain & emotional pain cases throughout my 22 plus years to create step by step approaches to facilitate healing from the most basic to severe & chronic conditions.

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Arniee shares with all of her clients her 30 plus years of experience in The Fitness world, nutritional guidance, proper technique, and her larger than life LOVE for everything FITNESS. She is an IFBB PRO Competitor til this day. 

I would consider myself an intuitive body worker. I always look outside the box when it comes to peoples pain and issues. I never look at 2 people with the same lense. Every person who comes in with me, is treated uniquely.

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Please fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you ASAP with available dates and times.

Please select a desired date for your appointment.

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Rita is sa Master Healer & Body Transformation Specialist at Total Body since 2013. Her passion is in Athletic Recovery & sports performance, post stroke therapy sessions, and pain management. She is a certified Holistic Practicioner, and International Practicioners of Holistic Medicine. Rita studied at Total Body Holistic Institute shes certified in all the programs giving her The Master Healer title.

I’m a MindBody Practitioner here at Total Body.

After 7 years of hands on training, certifications, and experience with actual cases,  I can confidently say I’m skilled in diverse healing modalities. I specialize in Therapeutic & Energetic work. My life’s purpose is helping others have a better quality of life.

After 6 years of trainings, certifications at Total Body Holistic Institute as well as hands on experience with actual cases from emotional to physical ailments, and transitioning to a transformation specialist with certifications in mesotherapy and hyaluron pen, I feel extremely blessed to be able to treat, to heal, to transform everyday lives using the skills and the knowledge I’ve acquired in becoming a MindBody Practitioner/Transformation Specialist.

My name is Simi and I’m your Beauty Contouring Specialist. My experience of two years in Lymphatic Massage can guarantee you amazing results in beautifying your body. My passion and knowledge of our Weight Loss programs and our Radio Frequency along with Cavitation Services will sculpt and contour your body to its finest giving you that confidence you’ve been looking for.

In Pain? Suffering Emotionally & Energetically? Chronic Fatigue? Low self esteem? Overweight? Feeling sick all the time? Suffering from anxiety & depression?

You don’t have to SUFFER a SECOND longer.

Total Body It!

Alleviate your PAIN!

Release the Emotional Traumas!

Heal from the INSIDE OUT!

Design your body exactly the way you want it from fat dissolve to anti aging!

The One Stop Self Care, Self Transformation, Self Love HEALING, WELLNESS, and PRIVATE FITNESS FACILITY in the RGV

There is NO PLACE LIKE IT anywhere with everything you need to feel & look good again under ONE ROOF!

And we even have The ONLY AMERICAN BOARD CERTIFIED SCHOOL for higher learning in all things HOLISTIC!

Healing happens here Beauty happens here Your TRANSFORMATION Happens here!

Total body it and Change Your LIFE!
We welcome you to our Family Of Healers…

We have a private gym with one on one private training along with nutritional guidance. And last, but not least, we have an American Board Approved Hands on training school to certify adult learners in many different holistic based programs for those looking to answer a calling to help heal others on their healing journey.


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